project escape. It's a project about escaping the load of things. The definitions. The stress I get of it. 

This started with opserving ants, and now it goes on. The project develops it-self back to earth, vinding ways to escape without leaving earth...

Blind for rasism

Blind for rasism. It's an exhibition in the dark. You can't see, and can't have opinions about how things look, only how they feel.

Wordsbook without words

I created a wordsbook without words. I have made a wordsbook for the words we can't finde. For those fealings we can't express in words. That's why there are only illustrations in this book, (exept for a small intro) no words to explane or define the feelings. I have used lot's of techniques wich give lots of different feelings. Every image is open for own interpretation. 

Some people have a hard time expressing or defining some feelings.  Especially when you have never felt it before. Words are to specific for the feeling. No good, not bad, not worm, not cold. Something red. Something big. Something words can't touch. No words, but jus a image...